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Eildon Primary School No: 3931

Eildon Primary School: Est: 1916 (formerly Sugarloaf Waterworks School and Eildon Weir Primary School).​Sugarloaf Waterworks School no 3931 was established on May1st 1916 and the first Head Teacher was John W Smith. 

  • Parents petitioned against the suitability of the hall so the school was moved.

  • The approximate position of this site is in Lake Eildon Spillway where the power transmission lines cross, halfway between Honeymoon Creek and the Pondage.

  • The name of the school was changed to Eildon Weir on the 3rd October 1923.

  • The present building of ten rooms and an office block was built by A. V. Jennings under contract to State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, to an American design.

  • This was handed over to the Education Department in November 1952.

  • The name of the school was changed again on June 19, 1959 to Eildon Primary School.    

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