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Eildon Primary School Profile

At Eildon Primary School we believe that all students experience success through access to quality programs.  By providing a caring, safe and positive environment, every student has the opportunity to reach their potential and make a worthwhile contribution to their community.


Eildon Primary School Community adheres to the five values of Integrity, Respect, Cooperation, Resilience, Altruism and Achievement.


Eildon Primary School is located within the Eildon Township, 125 kilometres north east of Melbourne.  Our position offers the following advantages:

  • Large grounds of 7 hectares – full size sporting stadium, natural bushland, oval, large grass areas, large asphalt areas,  adventure playground and recreation areas.

  • Access to outdoor education – lake, snow fields, river, swimming pool, natural bushland and National Parks.


Our long rectangular building has been extensively renovated and now comprises one regulation size, two double classrooms, a multi-purpose room, a library and an administration block, all with air conditioning.  A new multi-purpose building set up with  HD TV, kitchen and meeting area was constructed under the Building Education Revolution Stimulus Package funded by the Federal Government, completed in 2011.


At present the school provides a comprehensive curriculum in:  English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Science, Technology, Humanities, Languages Other Than English (LOTE) – Indonesian and The Arts.


To actively support these curriculum areas, the following enrichment programs are provided:  Life Education, Swimming, Camps and Excursions Program, Interschool Sport, Cross Country Skiing, School Representative Council, Cultural Visits, Parent Education Programs and Sporting Schools.


Learning Technologies in the classroom have a ratio of 1:1 networked computers linked to the Internet and all classrooms have been greatly enhanced by the use of Interactive Whiteboards. Robotics kits are at a 1:2 ratio allowing students to regularly practise their coding, design and construction skills.


Individual programs are in place for students at risk.  Additional assistance is provided through the Program for Students with Disabilities.  Parents and community members play an important part in supporting student learning in the classroom.


Great emphasis is placed on caring for our students, staff and parents by:

  • Providing an environment that is safe and secure.

  • Enabling equal opportunity for all members of the school community.

  • Supporting a cooperative environment where students can share the responsibility for their own learning, behavior and health.

  • Providing an extensive transition program for Foundation and Grade 6 students.

  • Developing life skills such as responsibility, communication and independence.

  • Extending students to reach their individual potential by encouraging, recognising and rewarding achievement and effort.

  • Providing Professional Development opportunities for staff.

  • Providing communication to the wider school community to encourage involvement and support.




Eildon Primary School prides itself on being a vital, active member of the Eildon Community.  This is due to the strong links built up between the school and its wider community over a number of years.  Community members are valued and are active in our Literacy programs, Working Bees and Camps and Excursions program.


The local community groups support the school in a number of ways including raising funds, conducting social events, providing scholarships and assisting with projects around the school.  Close links with Darlingford Nursing Home exist where children visit the residents for activity sessions.


Eildon Primary School is a member of the Cathedral Cluster of schools.  Our students are given the opportunity to mix with students from Alexandra, Buxton, Marysville and Yea. Students participate in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country running.


We are fortunate to have Eildon & District Kindergarten and Eildon Playgroup located on the school site, making drop off and pick up very convenient for our busy families. The Kindergarten will join the Foundation classes for cultural activities throughout the year.  This is of great benefit for transition from Kindergarten to School.




At Eildon Primary School we place our Units of Inquiry at the centre of our teaching and learning. Literacy and numeracy are taught in the context of these engaging themes which change from term to term in accordance with a seven year scope and sequence.

Our Community Reading Program sees parents and friends listening to our students read every single morning during Term 1. Students' reading abilities are benchmarked regularly using running records.  We have a fantastic stock of leveled readers that students work their way through.  Our CARS and STARS program provides a framework and learning activities that enable our students to develop strategies that refine their ability to understand what they read.

We use the BigWrite/VCOP approach to teaching writing which supports students to develop their Vocabularies, use of Connectives and Openers and understanding of Punctuation features.  Once a fortnight, students sit a BigWrite session where they produce a piece of writing in a set amount of time.  Students are taught to edit their writing and incorporate the VCOP elements into their pieces. Handwriting and typing skills are also an integral part of our writing program and students participate in weekly lessons in these areas.  Students are also given the opportunity to experiment with writing in a range of genres including narratives, expositions, procedurals, recounts, reports and poetry.

Our staff believes that spelling is at the heart of literacy and our students are given ten new spelling words every week through the SMART spelling program.  Their words are taken from a spelling scope and sequence and are at each student’s point of need.  Students complete spelling activities using their words through the week and are tested on Fridays.  This new initiative combined with our take home spelling lists has seen an improvement in our spelling scores.

All of our students have their own leveled English Skills Workbook, which develops their understanding of grammar and punctuation.  Each day, they complete a page of exercises as a warm-up to the main literacy focus lesson.

In Mathematics, Eildon Primary School believes that students develop numeracy skills in a variety of different ways.  All of our students have their own levelled Maths Mentals Text Book.  Each day they complete one page which covers all aspects of the mathematics curriculum.  Following this warm up activity, teachers deliver a differentiated focus lesson on a particular area of the curriculum that has been scheduled into term curriculum planners.   Students then complete an activity to consolidate their understanding of the topic which includes an investigation, problem-solving exercises, open-ended maths activities, using concrete materials and/or ICT software programs.

At Eildon Primary School, we are well-known for our excellence in The Arts.  We provide regular opportunities for performing from an early age and our students are well-accustomed to getting up in front of a crowd and giving it their very best.  We have a number of concerts throughout the year and hold regular Cultural Assemblies where students perform songs, skits, instrumentals, recitals and reports for the school community.

Our Health and Physical Exercise Program is fantastically resourced.  We have a huge Sports Shed that is well organised and stocked with a wide range of modern sports equipment.  We also have a large oval with cricket pitch and AFL goal posts.  In addition, the school has a huge indoor basketball stadium where we hold many PE sessions and Whole School Sport Sessions on Friday afternoons.

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