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Newsletter 1 31.01.2020

Newsletter 2 14.02.2020

Newsletter 3 28.02.2020

Newsletter 4 13.03.2020

Newsletter 5 23.03.2020

Newsletter 6 24.04.2020

Newsletter 7 08.05.2020

Newsletter 8 22.05.2020

Newsletter 9 04.06.2020

Newsletter 10 19.06.2020


School Strategic Plan

Strategic plan 2018-2022

School Policies

Anaphylaxis Management Policy   2020

Asthma Policy 2020

Attendance Policy    2020

Bullying Prevention Policy 2020

Camps Policy

Cash Handling Policy 2020

Child Safety Policy   2020

Child Safety Risk Assessment Policy

Complaints Policy   

Curriculum Policy

Digital Technologies Policy 

Distribution of Medication Policy

Duty of Care Policy  

Electronic Funds Management 2020

Emergency Management Policy    

Enrolment Policy

eSmart Policy 

Excursion Policy

Financial Hardship Policy

First Aid Policy

Gifts/Donations, Services & Benefits Policy

Health Care Needs Policy

Hire of Facilities Policy

Homework Policy

Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Internet Usage Policy           

Mandatory Reporting Policy  

Mobile Phones - Student Use  

OHS Policy

Parent Payment Policy 2020 

Personal Property Policy 2020

Photography, Filming and Recording Policy

School's Collection Statement

Schools Electronic Funds Management Policy

Schools Privacy Policy

Signage Advertising Policy 2020

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs Policy 

Staff Code of Conduct Policy        

Statement of Philosophy Policy    

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy

Statement of Values Policy         

Volunteers in Schools Policy

Yard Duty and Supervision Policy      


Uniform Policy  






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